We are delighted to unveil Cinnamon Allspice Ice Cream, our autumn/winter seasonal flavor. It’s the perfect complement for any holiday pie or even to top off a beer float.  Last Saturday, the flavor made it’s debut in the wilds of Bushwick at the grand opening of Hops & Hocks, from the owners of Stinky Bklyn.



At the opening of Hops & Hocks, I did have a Brooklyn “star” moment when Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery came in the door offering the owners a special collection of beer. I got a chance to chat with him as well as offer a couple of spoonfuls of our ice creams. I also got to enjoy an awesome taste of Lauren and Joe’s, Grimm Artisanal Ales. To round it out, there was beer cheese and I liked it. Floyd Beer Cheese was showcasing the marriage to two great items beer and cheese.

With our new ice cream cart loaded in the van and I was heading down the BQE going home, I couldn’t help but think how grateful our company, Brooklyn Bell, has been to the stores, customers, and suppliers. There is something about this time of year when reflections come into view and we remember that we are thankful. A lot of work has gone into each spoonful of our ice cream and Good Bar granola bars!

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