Nicole from Kyotofu, Kati, Andrew Zimmern, and Ron
We had the INCREDIBLE pleasure of meeting Andrew Zimmern some time ago and while we didn’t get his autograph, at least we did get evidence of the encounter,* which we anticipate seeing this Monday, December 9, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. EST, on his Bizarre Foods America show which features NYC.  In this episode – NYC Overnight – Andrew “pulls the night shift” to come hang with Ron and Kati in Hana Kitchen after midnight, and “explore[s] the hidden world that fuels the Big Apple,” to find out “why feeding New Yorkers is an all-night job.”  He said he wanted to do a show exclusively on Brooklyn Bell — nah, just kidding – he actually said he would do a whole new series on Brooklyn Bell if he could.  But we said just a quick snippet on an episode would make us beyond happy.  And it would.  We hope it does you too.

*Unlike other star spotting moments Kati has completely missed and messed up, for which she still doesn’t forgive herself.

Kati and Andrew

Andrew, shirt, and ice cream

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