It’s ice cream, which isn’t necessarily the first thing you think when you think of health food.  And, yes, granola bars but really super delicious ones, some with chocolate, another with brandy-macerated cherries (called Coffee with God, and available only at Brooklyn Commune).  So what’s the story?  Well, our philosophy is simple: make great food using simple ingredients.  100 years ago, this would not have set us apart.  Before the mass infusion of pesticide-laden products fueled with fillers and starches and corn syrup instead of sugar, most food was made as ours is — with just the basics and in those basics, nothing more.  Now, it’s like playing hopscotch to avoid food products with ingredients your mouth cannot pronounce and which barely squeak by as food.
Brooklyn Bell Foods & Co strives to put just another handful of products on the shelf to join the relatively meager bunch that is food, real food, and nothing else.  But our other requirement is it must taste divine.  That you will have to taste for yourself.  We invite you to do so at the Evening of Spirit at New York Methodist Hospital in Park Slope ($10 for Spirit members, and $15 for non-Spirit membership – but membership is totally free and you can sign up for it here), which celebrates healthy and spirited living.  This is the program’s first ever Evening of Spirit event, and we hope that you will come out and enjoy it.  If you drop by, we just may have a surprise or two for you — (just a hint: it’s like your grandmother would make, but better).

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Carrington Pavilion
New York Methodist Hospital
506 Sixth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

p.s. I just came across a post this morning that I want to share here.  It’s from 2011 but does a good job explaining why Brooklyn Bell chose not to use crisped rice in our Good Bars until I was able to source some that was made with no BHT.  When we started making our Good Bars back in 2011, it was not an easy task finding BHT-free cereal.  Fortunately, that’s changed at least a little, and we proudly use BHT-free crisped rice in our Brooklyn Blues and several others.  Ask us about this and all our ingredients (it’s a short list) when you come by on Wednesday.

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