It was our first time on national TV and we were a bit nervous. We didn’t know if we made the cut or not. We told friends and family and of course did the social media broadcast. Up until Monday, December 9th at 9pm we looked everywhere for a clue that we would get some airtime.

We patiently waited for months and through Andrew’s travel from the other boroughs until he got to Brooklyn. Our living room was filled with big smiles and screams when we caught a glimpse of our ice cream machine, my tattooed arm, and Kati’s nose in the bumper right before a commercial break.

Big Smiles and Screams

First up some clarifications, and answers to questions.  Our ice cream is not certified organic.  We often use organic ingredients (such as strawberries in Simply Strawberry), but we also pay attention  to whether ingredients are local and in season.  Our dairy is sourced from Hudson Valley Fresh, a wonderful dairy cooperative just two hours north of Brooklyn.  Our flavor ingredients are carefully selected for taste and wholesomeness.  Andrew especially loved the Simply Strawberry ice cream, which is a seasonal flavor that will return summer 2014.  He also is a fan of what he called the Black White Lava Caramel, but our caramel is Black Lava Caramel and our vanilla is White Vanilla.

As for nationwide delivery, it is something we are working to bring in 2014 but are trying to retain costs and keep it affordable.  The best way for us to gauge whether to go forward with it is by your comments and suggestions, and by the number of people following us on Twitter, liking us on FB, getting on the mailing list, etc. (Tyson in MN and Steph in ND, stay tuned).

We are very grateful for the exposure, experience, and feedback and encouragement we’ve received.  It helps fuel our future expansion plans (more on that later).  We want to thank Chef Michael and the staff at Hana Kitchen, Nicole from Kyotofu (and Hana) as well as our kitchen mates past and present – Liddabit Sweet, Brooklyn Cured, Granola Lab, Robicelli’s, Whimsy & Spice, Macaron Parlor, Four and Twenty Blackbirds, The Good Batch, Regal Vegan.  And of course, Andrew Zimmern and the Bizarre Foods America crew. Actually, the thank you list is really quite long so I’ll have to figure out some other way of sharing that info.  To wrap it up: Thank You!


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