With just a handful of ingredients making really good ice cream seems to be a very easy job. It sort of is and then it’s also difficult. You can follow a recipe and arrive at a great batch of ice cream, but then you may decide to tweak it a bit and it turns into a block of ice or glob of cream and sugar. Other times you may have the perfect base, but you either overcook it or not allow it time to cool down and freeze correctly.

We are in the process of tweaking and learning more about the process of making really good ice cream. When you break it down, making ice cream is both science and art – at least culinary art. It is the combination of butterfat and water, which is in the cream/milk mixture, eggs yolk – if used, and sugar as well as flavoring. There is proper ratio to cream to milk as well as the amount of sugar and egg yolks. If you throw one ingredient off even by a small fraction, it will greatly affect your final product.

Most of our ice creams currently include a touch of “spirits” to kick up the flavor and helps with the texture which is great, but is also lowers the freezing point of the ice cream. It takes a bit longer to set and requires a colder freezer. We are also testing the amount of sugar in our recipes.

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