I saw this on Ron’s desk today. I thought it was pretty cool. Steve (of Emery Thompson Mach. & Supply where we got our batch freezer) has been available to us for lots and lots of questions, and has really been a tremendous resource. I have long harped on the importance of putting our $$ back in the U.S. economy (see more on this at revelgardener.com). The Thompsons used to build their machines right here in nyc, till prices drove them out and down to sunny FL. Steve is one in generations of ice cream machine makers. The company’s been building these sturdy gems for more than a hundred years. You should check them out. On their home page, here’s a great pic of Steve and his dog all decked out for Independence Day.
We are happy to support small businesses that support small businesses like ours. Thanks to the Thompsons!


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