Thank you Atlantic Antic.

On Sunday morning we assembled and extended our brand new canopy and attached our banner on the street of Atlantic Avenue. We sold ice cream and oat bars. Our exhaustion just to get to this place delayed until much later into the night, our interaction with customers fueled us. Some were sold just reading  the flavors on our small chalkboard or getting more details about what we made. Others wanted a taste and, as the day continued, I was confident that folks would exchange their $5 for our cups of ice cream.


We work really hard to make great food. Food producers who care about what they make really get a buzz from the accolades and smiles. My tired and already sore body was at least temporarily relieved from talking and interacting with people. It certainly was a break from my 9 to 5 time at my desk working for the computer. I enjoyed being social with everyone walking up and down Atlantic Avenue. It’s a side that’s been dormant since my retail days at Warner Bros. Studio Store at 57th St.

I know that Kati had a similar experience and it was certainly welcomed. She painstakingly tweaks her oat bars with a variety of ingredients. And so with each customer providing suggestions at to which stores we should sell to, I know she felt the love. The most common phrase that came from people was, “Where can I get this?” Our answer was variations of the fact that we are working on getting the oat bars in the stores as well as making them available through our website. On the other hand,  ice cream has some logistics and permit challenges, but we are planning on a ice cream delivery service in the next few weeks and having a spot for regular pick-ups.

On Atlantic Avenue we received more than love, more than Brooklyn love, we received a kind of Brooklyn food; again a fuel, that comes from the interaction with a diverse selection of people that makes this borough unique and a bit edgy. We listened to what people were asking, what they liked and what they didn’t like. At this place and time, on Atlantic Avenue September 30th in space #EN07, it all centered around our food. We have been fed and we are very excited about taking it to the next level. As we keep working on our grid, we look forward to sharing what we make with all of NYC. We’re going to spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way!


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