It feels great to get some recognition in the very difficult Brooklyn food scene. When you’re doing the grind like I am making ice cream daily it’s easy to forget that people really do enjoy our product. 

Pharell’s song “Happy” played in my internal soundtrack when I discovered we make it through the first round of annual ice cream tournament with the highest score and it happened again when we pushed on to the second round with some pretty big names in the NYC ice cream game. The competition started with twelve and we made it to the final four. 

Of all the other ice cream makers in this round we were the only one that does not use use exotic stabilizers such as carrageenan and xantham gum in our ice cream. We like to keep it old-school and use egg yolks as well as using ingredients that you would have in your kitchen. 

Even though we didn’t take home to imaginary ice cream trophy for the ice cream tournament we did get some props on my Black Lava Caramel for being the best popular favorite as well as our vegan entry for a separate competition, She Wore a Raspberry Sorbet which took the top score.

I’m happy. 

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