Coming This Sundae, To A Street Near You

June 24, 2012By RonUncategorized No Comments

It’s official! We are making our grand debut this Sunday at the annual Smith Street Sunday Fun Day! We will be in front of the fabulous By Brooklyn, at 261 Smith Street, between Degraw and Douglass from noon to 5 p.m. (By Brooklyn is our favorite local shop featuring handmade crafts, and all artisanal products … Read More

Artisanal Foods Sprout at BK Swappers

March 21, 2012By RonArtisanal Foods, Uncategorized No Comments

It’s a kind of energy that is just beneath the surface; easily hidden among the shear quantity of things to do on the City (all boroughs). The simple idea of making food items to swap with strangers and newly discovered friends is simultaneously classic old-school country and quintessential urban community. This is the BK Swappers … Read More

Strawberry Love

March 20, 2012By RonThe Local Ice Cream, Uncategorized No Comments

  The lesson here is… Sometimes you have to go to extremes to find the right starting point. Fruit based ice creams are a bit of a challenge. Over the years I resisted. A few weeks ago I did two batches that were effectively strawberry flavored ice cubes. There was no amount of rescue to … Read More

We Make Ice Cream

February 10, 2012By RonBusiness, Uncategorized

The reality is that making the perfect pint or cup of ice cream is a wonderful  blend of science and art. I guess that could be said for any type of cooking. For me There is something special about the simple difficulty of making the perfect pint (of ice cream). I’m talking about the Realness. … Read More

One Kitchen Please

January 20, 2012By RonBusiness, Uncategorized No Comments

We have officially started looking for a commercial kitchen to make our ice cream and supporting ingredients. In a city that has nearly everything for 8+ million people it doesn’t have enough kitchens for food start ups to start up. By my count there are around 3. In the north part of the city, The Bronx, there is one, … Read More

Check marks on the List

January 18, 2012By RonBusiness, Uncategorized No Comments

Over the years I have become a big fan of list. They help me organize and get stuff done. And truth be told I am a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD). Setting up a company is really about getting a list of things you have to do and doing it. In this digital fast … Read More

Company’s Start

December 31, 2011By RonBusiness, Uncategorized No Comments

It’s official, Brooklyn Bell Foods & Co. LLC is now a proper company; a limited liability company at that. We are still filling out and submitting various forms and documents; getting permits and licenses, but we chave made the giant step in capturing our dream. I want to say it’s was easier than I thought, but … Read More

A Simple Start

December 28, 2011By RonBusiness, Uncategorized No Comments

The desire for simplicity is one of my essential elements. It likely comes from the fact that I moved around  a lot and we just didn’t have a lot of money when I was a kid. Apartment living in NYC really does force you to become a minimalist. Simplicity and minimalism are words that everyone … Read More